Clarity seamless glazed partitioning

This is a non-fire rated system. Clarity is at the forefront of modern design. This system has very little visible framework and allows light to penetrate through to core areas.

Metal stud partitioning

This system is available in either glazed or solid profiles and can be fire rated or non-fire rated. It s a demountable system that allows for a wide variety of applications and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Aluminium framed partitioning

This system offers a flexible low cost solution to internal divides. It can be installed quickly with very little disruption to your office. It can be tailored on site to all specifications such as solid, half glazed, fully glazed, solid glazed – solid with or without blinds.


Fire-rated partitioning

This system is used in many installations for all areas where fire protection is required and in many cases is a legal requirement. Fire rated partitioning is available in 30, 60 and 90 minute protection, and is available in both solid and glazed elevations.

Folding partitions

Folding partitions solve many design problems such as space management. An area can be opened up if required to accommodate more people or closed to return to a smaller office. Many MD’s offices can incorporate this as a boardroom next door.

Acid etch manifestations

In all fully glazed applications Acid Etching is a building control requirement. Having you company logo or just an etched band will add a design feature to all glazed partitions.